Our GU18 Elite team went to North Carolina at the start of December to participate in the National League. The girls had a grueling schedule of 4 games in 4 days and completely dominated the proceedings, winning every single game and their respective league to leave themselves in pole position to qualify for the National Championships. Even more impressive, our girls scored 11 goals over the 4 games played, and conceded 0. A big part of the reason for their success was due to 2XU compression tights.

Prior to leaving for North Carolina, compression specialists 2XU stepped forward and, free of charge, completely kitted our girls out with 2XU compression tights. 2XU compression products are designed to:

  • implement graduated compression to promote increased circulation for recovery
  • reduce fatigue in legs through less muscle oscillation
  • reduce muscle soreness
  • provide antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection

Kelsey Aknes - 2XU Compression TightsThe 2XU product the U18 Elite girls received was from the MCS compression line, which is the next generation in compression and provides support specifically for use during explosive or rapid-movement activity. MCS also offers superior performance for recovery, with greater protection against blood pooling post-activity.

Girls College Liaison & Coach, Courtney Drummond, commented, “All coaches know how important recovery is. With us playing for the chance to play in the National Championships, it was imperative that we give our athlete’s the proper tools for recovery. The 2XU tights were so important to our success in North Carolina this December. The girls had minimal time to recover between games, the tights gave us a quicker recovery time and relieved muscle soreness. I would recommend the 2XU tight to all athletes.”

GU18 Elite starting Center Mid, Kelsey Aaknes (pictured left), commented, “I really like the compression tights. After games it feels awesome to put them on my legs to relieve the soreness. I wear them all the time after workouts and games.”

Next up for our U18 Elite girls is Las Vegas and the last 4 games (in 4 days) of the National League. Again, our girls will be putting on their 2XU MCS compression tights after every game so they can recover quickly and ready their muscles for the upcoming games.

What is cool about being a member of our club is that 2XU have now partnered with us and offer a 25% discount on ALL 2XU products with promo code: LAGSD25 (use code at checkout to reflect discount).

To check out the fantastic range of 2XU compression products please visit: http://www.2xu.com/us/MCS.html