About Us

LA Galaxy San Diego ShieldWho we are:
Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, LA Galaxy San Diego is a non-profit 501c3 organization and the largest soccer club in Northern San Diego County. LA Galaxy San Diego is the exclusive San Diego County affiliate of LA Galaxy.

Mission Statement
LA Galaxy San Diego is dedicated to developing players within the team environment, furthering the sport of soccer, providing members with the best possible experience and enriching our community.  We value our families whose passion is the heart and soul of the club.


We strive to be a champion for Carlsbad and San Diego:

  • We value our team and are committed to nurturing talent throughout our organization
  • We value our community by embracing our responsibility to create a positive impact through the sport of soccer
  • We value our families an collaborate with openness and trust to deliver memorable experiences

What we offer:
Whether you are four years old or 18 years old, a recreational player, collegiate bound athlete or somewhere in-between, we offer a seamless player pathway and comprehensive soccer curriculum for players of every age, every level and every aspiration.

What we believe:
We believe first and foremost in individual player development.  Our club curriculum guides all that we teach, providing players with the technical foundation and tactical knowledge to make and execute decisions on the field.  We believe that providing our players with the proper training and resources empowers them to achieve their best potential, which fosters individual and team success.  Take care of the player, and the results will take care of themselves.

What we teach:

  • Sound technique
  • Possession with a purpose
  • Creativity in the attack
  • Organized in the defense
  • Dynamic movement
  • Workrate
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Respect and appreciation for the beautiful game

How we work:
As an LA Galaxy Alliance Club, we work closely with LA Galaxy and their professional staff to provide the best possible soccer experience for our players, their families and our local community.  The goal of the partnership is to carry out a commitment to coaching education, player development, and the future development of our organization. The Alliance Club program allows us to provide an unprecedented level of professional training for our coaches, unique exposure and training opportunities for our players and the opportunity to partner with LA Galaxy on initiatives that support our local community beyond the soccer field.

Inside LAGSD

‘Inside LAGSD’ is an online resource that gives visual insight, via video and image, into the organizational and coaching structure of LAGSD. Every group or individual below has a vital role within the club that positively affects how LAGSD players are coached and impacts the experience that all members gain from being a part of this great club. For a visual overview of the LA Galaxy San Diego organizational structure please view the ‘LAGSD Club Structure Flowchart’ by clicking here.

Club Curriculum and Player Pathway
We rely on our progressive player development curriculum to standardize learning throughout the club. Our Coaches, Heads of Player Development (HOPDs) and Directors work together to ensure each player is receiving the same level of education and practice content, regardless of which team they are placed on within a specific age-group. To view the ‘LAGSD Club Player Pathway Flowchart’ please click one of the following links: click here for girls pathway | click here for boys pathway

2015 CUFC Board of Directors
The LA Galaxy San Diego Board of Directors is a volunteer based board that meets monthly (or more frequently) to decide on important club decisions. Board meeting topics can range from financial decisions to planning club events but, ultimately, the function of the Board of Directors is to ensure that LAGSD is always moving in the right direction. Below is a list of our appointed board members:

President: Skye O’Grady | skye@lagalaxysd.com
VP Finance: Cathy Andrews | cathy@lagalaxysd.com
VP Operations: Ryan Gold | ryan@lagalaxysd.com
VP of Recreational: Jim Barnhill | jim@lagalaxysd.com
VP of Admin/Marketing: Lauren McDowell | l.mcdowell@lagalaxysd.com
Financial Aid: Steve Valencia | s.valencia@lagalaxysd.com

LA Galaxy San Diego Directors of Coaching
Under the leadership of our Directors of Coaching, LA Galaxy San Diego has recruited and developed an exceptional professional coaching staff with the experience, dedication, and commitment to provide a top level soccer program in San Diego County. The Director’s combined years of coaching, program development experience, and ability to be forward thinking will make a positive difference in your child’s soccer future.

Director of Boys Program: Glenn Malone | glenn@lagalaxysd.com
Director of Girls Program: Carl Higham | carl@lagalaxysd.com
Technical Director: Steve Cowell | steve@lagalaxysd.com
Director of Operations: Michael Duggan | michael@lagalaxysd.com

The Carlsbad Galaxy Recreational Program is the foundation of LAGSD, serving over 2500 recreational players within Carlsbad & the North County area. With an entirely volunteer based coaching staff, the job of the Director of Recreation is to not only ensure that our recreational coaches are licensed and fully equipped to teach the game but that the program, as a whole, runs smoothly. Carlsbad Galaxy aims to offer a recreational program where players have the opportunity to grow while having fun and building a love of the game, as well as providing unlimited growth opportunities for players of all skill levels and potentially acting as a stepping stone into the competitive program.

Director of Recreational Program: Gregg Cacioppo | gregg@lagalaxysd.com


Player Development is first and foremost at LA Galaxy San Diego. Our club philosophy and curriculum is centered around improving the technical, tactical, physiological, and physical aspects of our individual players, and in turn this individual player development becomes the foundation upon which our teams and the club are built. To assist with this process, LAGSD has implemented age specific Heads of Player Development (HOPDs), who report directly to the Directors of Coaching and act as sub-directors for their assigned age range.

Girls HOPDs
G12: Gregg Cacioppo | gregg@lagalaxysd.com
G11-G10: Gina Medina | gina@lagalaxysd.com
G09: Gregg Cacioppo | gregg@lagalaxysd.com
G08-G07: Alex Walker | alex@lagalaxysd.com
G06-G04: Natalie Eckerlin | natalie@lagalaxysd.com | to view VIDEO CLICK HERE
G03-G00: Courtney Drummond | courtney@lagalaxysd.com | to view VIDEO CLICK HERE

Boys HOPDs
B12-B10: Nick Howitt | nick@lagalaxysd.com | to view VIDEO CLICK HERE
B09: Manny Medina | manny@lagalaxysd.com
B08: Steve Carroll | s.carroll@lagalaxysd.com
B07: Manny Medina | manny@lagalaxysd.com
B06: Dan Jones | dj@lagalaxysd.com
B05: Glenn Malone | glenn@lagalaxysd.com
B04: Gwynn Williams | gwynn@lagalaxysd.com
B03-B00: Sean Gurley | sean@lagalaxysd.com

For further info on LAGSD College Liaisons & FAQs click here
Girls College Liaison Officer: Courtney Drummond | courtney@lagalaxysd.com
Boys College Liaison Officer: Sean Gurley | sean@lagalaxysd.com

Guillermo Rodriguez | guillermo@lagalaxysd.com – to view VIDEO CLICK HERE
As a club, LA Galaxy San Diego understands the important role that our keepers play and offer a curriculum based goalkeeping program that puts an emphasis on all aspects of this specialized position. Click here to visit our Goalkeepers page.

Mindes Dorlean | mindes@lagalaxysd.com
Click here to visit our Physical Training & Fitness page.


Office Manager: Janie FitzSimons | janie@lagalaxysd.com
Registrar/Administrator: Jodi Johnson | jodi@lagalaxysd.com
Accounting Manager: Karen Weebe | karen@lagalaxysd.com
Office Staff: Daniela Sanchez | dani@lagalaxysd.com
Office Staff: Tina Heap | tina@lagalaxysd.com
Club Manager: Natalie Eckerlin | natalie@lagalaxysd.com
Media Technical Writer: Patrick Trolan | media@lagalaxysd.com


As a Carlsbad based soccer club, we are extremely spoilt in terms of facilities. We have some of the best floodlit turf soccer fields in Southern California along with access to a wide selection of grass fields in the Carlsbad area.

Before calling our office regarding field closures please sign up for the city’s official Rain Out alert communication system by clicking here.


Field Rules

To ensure a safe and well-maintained facility, the following articles and activities are PROHIBITED in ALL complex areas:
  • Glass of any type
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking and use of smokeless tobacco products
  • Dogs (with the exception of service animals) or other Pets
The following are PROHIBITED on synthetic field turf areas:
  • All food and beverage products, except water, including gum, and shelled sunflower seeds or nuts
  • Sharp objects such as tent stakes and poles that may penetrate or damage the turf
  • Metal cleats or high heeled shoes

*Please respect our city’s facilities and clean up after yourself.

LAGSD Individual Field Information (listed alphabetically)

  • Alga Norte Community Park (Turf Fields): 6565 Alicante Road, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Army Navy Academy (Turf Field): 2600 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Aviara Community Park (Turf  & Grass Fields): 6440 Ambrosia Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011 – click here to map
  • Aviara Oaks Elementary & Middle School (Grass Fields): 6880 Ambrosia Lane Carlsbad, CA 92011 – click here to map
  • Buena Vista Elementary School (Grass Field): 1330 Buena Vista Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Calavera Hills Middle School (Grass Field): 4104 Tamarack Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92010 – click here to map
  • Carrillo Elementary School (Grass Field): 2875 Poinsettia Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Carlsbad High School (Turf Field): 3557 Lancer Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Kelly Elementary School (Grass Field): 4885 Kelly Dr Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • La Costa Heights Elementary School (Grass Field): 3035 Levante Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • La Costa Meadows Elementary School (Grass Field): 6889 El Fuerte Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Magnolia Elementary School (Grass Fields): 1905 Magnolia Ave., Carlsbad, CA  92008 – click here to map
  • Mission Estancia (Grass Field): 3330 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Pacific Ridge School (Turf Field): 6269 El Fuerte Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Pacific Rim School (Grass Field): 1100 Camino De Las Ondas, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Pine Avenue Park (Turf Fields): 3333 Harding St., Carlsbad, CA  92008 – click here to map
  • Poinsettia Community Park (Turf & Grass Fields): 6600 Hidden Valley Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011 – click here to map
  • Poinsettia Elementary School (Grass Field): 2445 Mica Road, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Sage Creek High School (Turf Field): 3900 Cannon Road, Carlsbad, CA 92010 – click here to map
  • Stagecoach Community Park (Turf & Grass Fields): 3420 Camino de las Coches, Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Valley Middle School (Grass Field): 1645 Magnolia Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Zone 5 (Grass Field): Camino Hills Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map

Partnerships - Member Discounts

Below is a list of our club partners. Through these various partnerships we are able to provide our members with discounts to associated products/services. Please check over our list below to see what you can take advantage of.

LA Galaxy Tickets
Through our alliance with LA Galaxy, LAGSD members can take advantage of discounted LAG home game tickets. To get a quote for tickets please email Sid Patel at: spatel@lagalaxy.com

As the official LAGSD uniform supplier, SoccerGarage also offers 15% off all non LAGSD uniform products via coupon code: LAGSD15
To access the SoccerGarage website please click on their banner at the bottom of the LAGSD homepage or CLICK HERE.

SKLZ has selected top training products available at an exclusive price of 25% off to LAGSD members. These proven tools were used to train many World Cup teams, including Germany and the U.S. National Team.
Prices are discounted at our unique SKLZ store: https://www.sklz.com/la-galaxy-san-diego/

Prime Sports
Prime Sports are the official supplier of our LAGSD fan gear. All quality adidas branded gear, to look good on the sidelines while supporting our teams please visit:

SwaggerClub CA
A local organization dedicated to the watching of live soccer. Whether they are organizing buses and tickets for big national or club games in SoCal or simply hosting viewing parties at local restaurants, if you wanna be part of the local soccer scene you need to check out SwaggerClub CA at: https://www.swaggerclubca.com/

Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club – FootGolf
LA Galaxy San Diego has partnered up with Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course to provide our members discounted rates for the very fun sport of FootGolf.

Any LAGSD members or coaches who show up to play the FootGolf course at Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club (5200 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92010 – click here to map) just need to mention that they play (or coach) for LA Galaxy San Diego and they will receive a $2 discount for their round of FootGolf.

For more information or to set up your next team party or birthday party, you can call: (760) 438-1772 or you can email: contact@ranchocarlsbadgolf.com
website: www.ranchocarlsbadgolf.com/footgolf/