Adam Allmaras was born and raised in Encinitas. He played with Carlsbad Lightning from U12 right through until U19 where he was recruited by SDSU from our Elite program. Adam also attended La Costa Canyon, where he was a three year varsity player, winning two CIF Championships along the way.

Adam is currently attending San Diego State University and majors in mechanical engineering as well as being a goalkeeper for the Aztecs soccer team. Adam is entering his last year with the program, where he redshirted his freshman year, was MVP last season and has now been the starter for the past three seasons. During his three seasons at SDSU, Adam has played in 54 games, recorded 192 saves and 21 clean sheets. He is very excited for the fall season with a very talented team coached by the very respected Lev Kirshner.

It should also be mentioned that Adam has been on the PAC 12 Men’s All Academic Soccer Team for the last two years running and has had the honor of being on the Dean’s list for all four years that he has attended SDSU.

Where did you play in college and describe the recruitment process?
Adam: Several colleges recruited me both locally and out of state. Initially, I did not want to go to a school located in San Diego because I have lived here my entire life. I decided to go to an official visit to San Diego State. I met with Coach Lev and the rest of coaching staff and instantly felt that this could be a good school for me. On the visit, I watched the team play and really enjoyed the environment. I felt that SDSU had the right major, soccer program, and fit for me.

How is your soccer experience so far at San Diego State?
Adam: My soccer experience at SDSU has been fantastic and very positive. I have enjoyed all the aspects that are involved with college soccer! The bond with my teammates and the atmosphere in our program is great. The environment that the coaching staff has created is something special.

I also really enjoy the mental and physical grind of training and playing in games. I am very excited for the upcoming fall season as it is my senior year and we have a lot of talent on this team, so I am hoping for a big season.

What advice can you give to players to prepare for being a student-athlete?
Adam: My advice for players preparing to be a student-athlete would be to develop good organization skills, studying techniques and managing your use of time. Planning and organizing is crucial to be successful on and off the field. Balancing and prioritizing your schoolwork, athletics, and social life are very important as a student athlete.

What was your favorite memory of Carlsbad Lightning?
Adam: My favorite memories about playing for Carlsbad Lightning would be the great friendships I have made with my teammates, the success of the team, and the coaching staff. I am still really good friends with my teammates from club and it is great hanging out when everyone is back in Carlsbad from college. The success of my team would be due to the coaches we had, such as Coach Glenn and Coach Paul. They were positive role models for me and helped me become a better soccer player and person.

What advice do you have for young players aspiring to play in college?
Adam: The advice I’d give to young players would be to work had in every training and game. Be humble, listen and observe. Every time you train, have a good mentality and always want to improve and not go through the motions. For school, good attendance and creating good relationships is very important. If you do not understand, ask and use the resources provided. School is the number one priority if you want to play!