A much younger Katie pictured playing for Carlsbad Wave

Katie is finishing up her Junior year at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) majoring in Biology and looking to pursue a career in Marine Biology research. Katie grew up in Carlsbad, CA and played for both Carlsbad Lightning and Carlsbad Wave before both clubs merged to form Carlsbad United. Katie is a 2014 graduate from Pacific Ridge School and had a very decorated high school career where she left as the all time leading goal scorer with 106 goals.

In her short three years as a Triton, Katie has certainly made an impression in arguably the toughest conference in the nation at the Division 2 level. Katie accolades began her sophomore year, however she had a standout junior year. 2016 brought Katie her most successful year yet as a collegiate athlete. Her Junior year she was awarded, NSCAA All-America First Team, D2CAA All America Second Team, D2CCA West Region Player of the Year, NSCAA All-West Region First Team, D2CCA All-West Region First Team, CCAA Offensive Player of the Year, All-CCAA First Team and San Diego Hall of Champions Star of the Month. Lets get to know Katie!

Q: What do you like most about playing college soccer?
Katie: I love playing college soccer because I am able to compete at a very high level with friends that will last a lifetime. I was known to be very competitive but I think college soccer has allowed me to appreciate and enjoy playing more because I am truly playing for my teammates. You live in cramped dorms with your teammates. You take chemistry finals with your teammates. You fight through fitness practices with your teammates. I love soccer, but the best part of being a college athlete are the best friends you make along the way.

Katie pictured playing for UCSD against Cal Poly – she scored a brace that game

Q: What made UCSD the right fit for you? 
Katie: While the university had an amazing and successful women’s soccer program, the aspect that attracted me to UCSD was the strong and competitive biology department. I was looking for a university that, primarily, would challenge and prepare me for a future career as a biologist and, secondly, it would allow me to compete on the field at a high and competitive level. UCSD provided me with a promising future, amazing friends, an intellectual and supportive campus environment, and the ability to play my favorite sport for another four years.

Q: What made you passionate about soccer?
Katie: What made me first passionate about soccer was the physicality of the sport. After looking up to your older brother, I didn’t enjoy dance classes or softball practices. I loved that soccer allowed you to be competitive, to slide tackle in the mud, and truly have a blast outside. Soccer is special in that it does not rely on a pitcher or a quarterback to succeed. Soccer requires the effort and talent of the whole team, creating an atmosphere of pride and handwork for each of your teammates. I love the sport, but playing for your teammates makes me passionate about soccer.

Q: What are 3 tips you can give to players to prepare for the academic demands as a student-athlete?
Katie: 1. Get a planner, fill in your schedule with all important dates, homework assignments, and game schedules.
2. On the first day of class, find friends. It can be teammates, other athletes, or someone you sit next to. This will go a long way when you miss class because of travel or you don’t understand things. And if you are studying with friends, it makes studying more enjoyable and talking through problems allows you to remember it better.
3. Get sleep! It seems like a waste of time with the millions of things you have due, but a lack of sleep truly takes a toll on your academics and athletics.

Q: What advice do you have for younger players aspiring to play in college?
Katie: When you are first finding colleges, take soccer out of the picture and find colleges that would meet your academic and lifestyle requirements. Once you get those colleges, find soccer programs that would fit your skill level and your expected team environment. Also, evaluate where you are as a player and a competitor to see what level will provide the best experience for you. Going to a big D1 college is not for everyone. I chose to go to a D2 university and I have never regretted it. Find a program and school that fits you and you will have a blast.

Katie (right) pictured with former coach, Courtney Drummond (left)

Q: What was your favorite memory at LAGSD?
Katie: I don’t have a single favorite memory from Carlsbad Wave, but I think my favorite part of playing for Carlsbad Wave was just going to practice and playing soccer with my best friends. We had players from various backgrounds and ages, but we were a family at practice and games. When I go back to Pine Field, I remember all the laughs, the halloween practices, and that brutal 2 hour long practice of straight sprints. That team made me enjoy soccer for more than just scoring goals and winning games. My U19 Carlsbad Wave team was my second family, and I am very proud to have played for Carlsbad Wave.

“I was very fortunate to coach Katie for three years. Her passion and love for the game is very inspiring. She’s an all out competitor and someone you want on your team. Katie is a tremendous role model to all younger players. Her dedication to herself, her team, her loyalty to the program she is playing for and her commitment, is unlike any player I have ever coached. I couldn’t be more proud of Katie as a player but more importantly as a person.” (Courtney Drummond, Girls College Liaison)