Shelby is finishing up her sophomore year at Loyola Marymount University majoring in Communication Studies. We want to recognize Shelby, as she was one of the most decorated players at LAGSD. She was apart of the only team in youth soccer to win 4 National League titles back to back to back to back. Shelby was a team captain here at LAGSD, was honored two years in a row as Best 11 at the National Championships, Far West Regional Champion, National Cup Champion, 3 time National Championship third place and National Championship finalist. Lets get to know Shelby.

Q. What made you passionate about soccer?
Shelby: I think that my passion for soccer comes from both within and those I was lucky enough to be surrounded by from the very beginning of my career. I always had a love for the game and that love only grows as I continue to play. I played competitive soccer at LAGSD from the age of 7- 17 and in those ten years my team became my family. Playing on the field with your sisters makes you want to leave it all on the field. It is because of my team that my love and passion for the game continuously grew every time I stepped on the field.

Q. What do you like most about college soccer?
Shelby: The two best parts about playing college soccer would be the competitive atmosphere and the relationship formation. At the college level you are constantly with your teammates and we not only get to grow together, but we also get to push each other to be our best on and off the field.

Q. What made LMU the right fit for you?
Shelby: As soon as I stepped on the LMU campus I knew that I belonged here. Although the location, conference and overall aesthetic of the school is amazing, the most important aspect for me in terms of finding the right fit, was finding a team that had a great team culture and a family atmosphere. I could tell on every single visit prior to my commitment that the team was one big family, and as soon as I got here for my first day of preseason I knew I made the right decision.

Q. What are three tips you can give to players to prepare for the academic demands as a student-athlete?

  1. Do the work early! Procrastination can get the best of you when your body is tired and you have a week to finish the assignment, and I am still guilty of this from time to time. I consistently have to remind myself that I don’t have to do a homework assignment all in one sitting, break it up so you aren’t kicking yourself for waiting until you are 15 hours away from the due date and you haven’t even read the assignment guidelines.
  2. Do homework on travel trips! Every travel trip feels like a mini vacation/ business trip and it is easy to feel disconnected from your work at school, but the more work you do on the road, the earlier you can go to bed after that late Sunday night flight back to school.
  3. Form relationships with professors! With the demands of a student athlete it is always best to have your professors on your side. They will work with you as long as you show you are willing to put in the work!

Q. What advice do you have for younger players aspiring to play in college?
Shelby: The players that make it the farthest are the players that are grateful for the opportunity to play every time they step on the field. Attitude is everything, and if you take every practice or game, win or loss, as an opportunity to get better then there is no stopping you from getting to the collegiate level.

Q. What was your favorite memory playing at LAGSD?
Shelby: Oh gosh! I traveled all over the country getting to play the sport I love with the people I love, so it is very hard to pinpoint a specific memory. One of my favorite memories of the many would have to be competing in and winning regionals in Hawaii at u15. We had the absolute best time and made so many fun memories on and off the field.

“Every coach would love to have a player like Shelby Cormier” said Drummond “She exemplifies what a student athlete should be both on and off the field. A tremendous role model to all of our players here at LAGSD. Her dedication and commitment to her sport, but more importantly her work off the field is what continues to amaze me every day. She is wise beyond her years, I couldn’t be more proud of Shelby.”
Courtney Drummond, LAGSD Girls College Liaison