CLSC BU16 Red make State Cup finals with inspirational Jesse at their side!

The CLSC BU16 Red Team made it to the finals of State Cup but lost in a nail biter 2-1 to a strong Legacy FC team.

The boys went 2-0 down in the first half but managed to claw a goal back before the half ended. During the second half the boys had numerous chances but the ball simply didn’t seem to want to go in the net, finding the post instead on several occasions.

Coach Danny, who covered Coach Rich (as he was in England) for the game commented, “The boys played their heart out today but we didn’t have the luck that is sometimes required to win a final, especially one of this magnitude. The boys were fantastic yesterday in the semis and today in the final, they should be very proud of themselves. Second place in State Cup is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Jessie Lopez (pictured above with the team wearing black), from Coach Rich’s CLSC BU16 Red Team has been traveling up and down to Lancaster and San Bernardino to support his team despite the fact┬áthat he has not been able to play. Coach Rich and the boys were using Jesse as their inspiration this season’s fantastic State Cup run.┬áThe reason that Jesse’s season was cut short was due to doctors finding a clogged artery in his head which resulted in brain surgery. Thankfully Jesse is still with us and is hoping to get back out on the field next season.

Inspirational to say the least! Great run guys!

Jesse Lopez - CLSC BU16 Red State Cup