Carlsbad United’s latest soccer program, ‘The Champions League’ is doing its part to provide all kids with the opportunity to play soccer regardless of medical or physical disabilities.

Carlsbad United F.C. Director of Operations, Michael Duggan, commented, “The champions league is the most rewarding program within our club for all involved. The players get to connect with kids their age and get involved in developing their social and motor skills all while having fun in a safe and inclusive environment. Parents are able to watch their child grow and have fun being the soccer super stars that they are, and the volunteer buddies are able to get involved in the community fun. Special thanks to Kate, our coordinator, for all her hard work and efforts in bringing this great program to our club.”

Champions League Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide all kids with a chance to play soccer, while giving their families a chance to watch their kids participate in a sport with other kids in a fun, safe environment.

What is Carlsbad United Champions League?
Champions League is a no cost soccer program for kids from 2-18 years old that have medical or physical disabilities. The Champions program pairs players withvolunteer buddies to encourage first time players or to allow returning players to continue to learn and grow as soccer players, all while having fun and getting exercise.

If you have any interest in becoming a buddy (13 years and older) or just have general questions, you can contact Kate McInerney at: