Carlsbad Lightning GU10 Red team finished their season in the semi-finals of the 2014 Presidents State Cup with a 0-2 defeat at the hands of SDSC Navy.

The semi final game was scoreless going into the last 2 minutes, but SDSC finished strong and was able to capitalize on one of their attempts. The last goal came as everyone had committed to a corner exposing a breakaway for their lone striker who put the game away. SDSC Navy went on to win the 2014 Presidents cup in PKs the following day.

“It was a great effort from our ladies today. Sadly we just didn’t find a way past a talented back line and that final attempt SDSC took found the net. I am extremely proud of this group of players. They have continued to develop, play a great style of soccer, have learned numerous positions, and their skills are exceptional,” said coach Erman after the game.

The road to get to the semi-finals was an extremely difficult venture. The round of 32 put the GU10 team up against MBSS, one of the top teams in the SCDSL, who play a very similar possession-outside-to-in style. The game turned into a classic with a final score of a 4-3 final at the death, with 5 lead changes. The next game against Legends FC wouldn’t let anyone catch their breath as it took till the last two minutes of the final overtime for Lightning to put in what would be the game winner for a 2-1 final. The quarter final match was never in doubt as the girls looked excited, loose and confident. It took 8 minutes to tally the first of their 3 goals, and a flawless defense and performance from the goalie produced a clean sheet.

The GU10 Red team after three years and some great of successes is going to be coached by Natalie Elkind who is also taking the second team at the U11 age group for Carlsbad United FC. “There is no doubt this team and age group for Carlsbad United will be exceptional for a long time to come and I am excited to see coach Nat take them and bring them to that next level,” said coach Erman.

Congrats Randy & girls, you built something very special together. Well done!