Dear parents,

My name is Steve Cowell and I am the Technical Director for LA Galaxy San Diego. One of my primary roles within the club is to educate our coaches, and design the coaching curriculum that your player will follow over the 2017-18 season. One of our goals this year is to better inform our parents of what the players are learning as part of our soccer program.

Next week marks the beginning of our regular practice schedule for all of our 2011-2003 (U7-U15) aged teams. Teams will be training a minimum of twice per week, and will follow the club training plan.

About our curriculum:
The player development curriculum is in place to achieve consistency across all coaches, teams and players in the club. It is set up to unify all teams with a club-wide style of play. The curriculum adopts a player-centered approach. We believe that individual player development is the foundation upon which the teams within the club are built.

We believe in giving each player in the club the same comprehensive soccer education. Every player in each age group will work from the same season plan and will follow the same training sessions regardless of the level of play. Having all coaches working from the same coaching curriculum allows for seamless integration and transition of players when moving between teams within the club, or when a different coach steps in to coach the team.

Keeping you informed:
To help increase communication, and inform our parents on what your players are learning on the soccer field, you will receive regular updates throughout the season from your coaching staff. You will receive a monthly email from your Head Of Player Development (HOPD) for your age group, and also from your coach, in which they will outline the training focus and content for upcoming month. By having the coaches, parents and players all on the same page about the learning goals for each period of the season, we hope it will clearly outline our developmental plan, and help everyone to see the progress of our players in each area of the game.

Parent resources:

Skill of the month:
In addition to the contact time our coaches have with the players on the field, each individual will only realize their true potential if they spend time working with the ball outside practice. To help with our players’ technical development we have produced a series of player skills that are to be practiced at home. We would like each player in the club to work on the skill of the month. The first skill for the month of May, Roulette’N’Roll, has now been released. Please click here to view our skills page and please note that you must click the “subscribe” banner (also below) to stay up to date with the skill of the month.

Let’s get started:
You will soon be hearing from your HOPD and your child’s coach regarding what your child will be learning in this first coaching cycle of the new season. I look forward to seeing our wonderful coaches delivering the content on the field, and I hope that the increased communication will give you a little more insight on how we are developing your child to be the best they can be on and off the field.


Steve Cowell

Technical Director
LA Galaxy San Diego