The 2017 LAGSD Coach Education Weekend took place on Friday evening, April 21 (classroom session) and Saturday, April 22 (field session). This yearly coach education symposium is paramount to our competitive program and is the official start of our yearly curriculum and periodization. The sessions aim to get all competitive coaches on the same page in terms of what they teach, how they teach it and when they should teach it. Although an event for our coaches, the ultimate beneficiaries from Coach Education Weekend are the LAGSD players.

LA Galaxy San Diego Technical Director, Steve Cowell, commented, “We have revamped a lot of the content and we’ve talked about not just giving kids the answers, but understanding how they learn and then leading them to those answers.”

Cowell continued, “We want to work together as a group to make sure every player in the club gets the same level of well rounded soccer education regardless of what team they’re playing on. We have a lot of coaches from all over the world with different levels of experience and it is great to see everyone working together to deliver the content to the players. Hopefully, if we do our jobs correctly, the players are going to benefit from this and it is going to take our teams and our club to the next level this upcoming season.”

To view a selection of pictures from the day (taken by members of our LAGSD Media Team) please click here.

Please view the video below highlighting some of the weekend’s events.