The 2016 LAGSD Coach Education Day took place on Saturday, May 7, and what a great day it was for all involved. This day is paramount to our competitive program and is the official start of our yearly curriculum. This day helps to get all competitive coaches on the same page in terms of what they teach, how they teach it and when they should teach it. Although a day for our coaches, the ultimate beneficiaries from Coach Education Day are our players.

LA Galaxy San Diego Technical Director, Steve Cowell, commented, “As a club we take pride in the continual professional development and education of our coaching staff. If we are to achieve our aim of giving all of our players the same first class soccer education, it is important that the staff are collectively bought into, and clearly understand our vision, philosophy and methods.”
Cowell continued, “Our club coaching curriculum and coaching methodology has been brought in line with the new USSF Player Development Initiatives, and our annual coach education day was about outlining the new coaching plan for the 2016-17 season. In addition, the day is a great event for bonding our 70 competitive coaches, and taking time to learn from one another. We have some incredibly talented coaches on our staff from all corners of the World, and it is great to see them all get together to help make the experience of being an LA Galaxy San Diego player the best it can be.”

Please view the video below highlighting some of the day’s events.