LA Galaxy San Diego Competitive Tryout Information

The purpose of tryouts is to place each child at the right level of play for their individual development. Keep in mind the strength in depth of our program and the reduced roster sizes for the 7v7 and 9v9 games (younger ages), it is not uncommon for two of our teams to compete at the same level.

The tryout process at our club does not just happen during tryout week. It is a year round process with many factors, designed to address the individual development of each player. Our club uses the following methods to determine which level of play each player would be best suited to:

  1. Player Reports: Coaches evaluate the progress of each player using our bi-annual progress reports (zoom reports).
  2. Practices: Where possible we schedule teams from the same age-group at the same location for practices so that coaches can monitor and communicate on players from different teams on a weekly basis.
  3. Age-group kick arounds: Prior to tryouts we hold a series of age-group kick arounds, which allow us to view all players from an age-group together at the same location a minimum of twice before tryout week.
  4. Tryout week: The sessions during tryout week are still a necessity as we have to evaluate new players with existing players, and compare players of similar abilities on the same field.

As the tryout sessions are the last piece of the evaluation process, it is important that we get the players playing in game situations ASAP. Typically we will do a warm up and then get into small sided games. From there the coaching staff will move players around so they get to see players playing against other groups of players to compare them together. New players will begin to be integrated with the returning players as the games continue.

Following the tryout sessions the professional coaching staff will meet to discuss the age-group and will assign players to the teams.

Every year the demand to join the competitive program exceeds the number of available slots. We presume that every player attending tryouts is committed to joining the program. If your child is selected for a team we ask that you be ready to commit to your spot when you receive a phone call from the coach following tryouts (typically within 72 hours). We will not be able to hold spots for players any longer than 24 hours. Once confirmed on a team, you will receive an email with a registration link and must register right away to hold your spot.

When selecting players, coaches are looking for players who align with our soccer ethos. Coaches are looking for players who have good technique, who demonstrate good game intelligence, are independent thinkers, confident, and mentally strong. In addition, coaches are also looking for players who are physically ready to compete at the level they coach, players who are eager to learn and easy to coach. When selecting players for their team, coaches also need to balance the team in terms of attacking, defending, midfield and goalkeeper positions, which can also affect player selection.

Take ownership of your tryout, be ready to work hard. Play the position most comfortable to you. Ask questions of the coach. Introduce yourself to the coaches. Look the coaches in the eye, shake their hand (coaches are looking for players who are engaged and coachable). Be brave and want the ball, show the coaches what you can do!

Help your child take ownership of the tryout. Help them to prepare by making sure they have all their equipment, eat a good meal and arrive on time. Do not put extra pressure on them by stressing the “make or break” nature of tryouts, the coaches just want to see them be themselves. Remember it’s their tryout, not yours. Do not be coaching them, or letting them feel the pressure of you scrutinizing them from the sidelines. Try to refrain from gossip on the sidelines, it really doesn’t have any positive outcomes. If you have any questions, please ask them directly to the coaching staff in person.

As parents, you are unable to affect the tryout process from the sidelines. Our suggestion is to drop off your player and go and enjoy a coffee at a local coffee shop!