On Thursday, November 17, 2017, the sixth annual Copa De Carlsbad was held at Sage Creek High School. The event is a one day tournament with group play, semis and finals, and features all of the Carlsbad Elementary schools.

Since its inception, LA Galaxy San Diego has assisted the community event by setting up the fields, providing the equipment/balls, providing the referees and having club coaches attend and helpĀ at the event.

“The Copa de Carlsbad soccer event allows the nine Carlsbad Elementary schools to compete in an action packed one day tournament,” said LAGSD Board Member Ryan Gold. “The competitive nature and school spirit of both the boys and girls teams within the district has flourished due to this fun, one day event. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents come out to support and cheer on their respective schools. The number of LAGSD players participating, from both our competitive and recreational programs, is amazing and it is a nice touch that our club can step in and help in such a big way with this fantastic event!”

To view the video from last year’s Copa De Carlsbad click play below.