Big congratulations to our Carlsbad United F.C. teams who participated in the 2015 Premier Cup this past weekend. On home fields, our teams dominated the tournament with many teams picking up finalists silverware and even more teams taking home the championship trophy.

Well done all and congratulations to all of the other champions, finalists, and participating teams that combined to make the 2015 Premier Cup a wonderful weekend of high quality soccer!

Below is a list of our Carlsbad United F.C. 2015  Premier Cup finalists and champions:

BU8 Gold – Samaniego
BU9 Dev – Buchholtz
BU10 Premier – Howitt
BU10 Gold – Samaniego
BU14 Elite – Duggan
GU10 Gold – McKell
GU10 Dev – Walker
GU12 Gold – Drummond
GU13 Gold – Davison

BU8 Dev I – Caroll
BU9 Dev – Flynn
BU11 Premier – Amin
BU14 Premier – Gurley
GU9 Premier II – Martinez
GU12 Gold II – Remirez
GU13 Premier II – Gonzalez
GU14 Elite – Higham