Involved: all DA and DA2 teams
Location: Point Loma Nazarene University, July 21-23 and Carlsbad, July 25-27

For youth players, interacting with a college coach is daunting in itself, but through our college camps we provide great opportunity for our players to see these coaches in a different light. Not only do they get trained by them, but the girls get to know the coaches personally and, ultimately, they became much less “scary”.

As a club with a strong tradition of gaining athletic scholarships for our players, it is important that we are able to provide this level of college coach exposure for our players. It is safe to say that every player who attends these college camps takes something unique away from each training session and coach.

Every player received a ‘day in a life’ in terms of what a collegiate athlete goes through during a typical pre season day; waking up early for breakfast, then off to strength and conditioning, followed up by a training session, finishing with 11v.11 games – all while spending every waking moment with their own teammates.

The collegiate coaches were extremely impressed by; the level of play throughout the club, the opportunities the club provides our players and the commitment the club has shown to ensure our players are ready and prepared for the collegiate level, if that is what they desire.

College Coaches who attended PLNU Camp:

  • Paul Karver | Head Coach California | State University Humboldt (D2)
  • Cole Schmit | Assistant Coach | San Diego State University (D1)
  • Michael Thomas | Assistant Coach | California State University Fullerton (D1)
  • Nicole Ragano | Assistant Coach | California Baptist University (D2) D1 in progress
  • Carter Phillips | Assistant Coach | Point Loma Nazarene University (D2)
  • Chasson Griggs | Assistant Coach | San Diego State University (D1)
  • Courtney Calderon | Head Coach | Chapman University (D3)
  • Joe Geletko | Head Strength and Conditioning Coach | University of California Los Angeles (D1) | Women’s and Men’s Soccer, Women’s Beach Volleyball

College Coaches who attended Carlsbad Camp:

  • Vanessa Valentine | Assistant Coach | Oregon State University (D1)
  • Edgar Enzaldo | Assistant Coach | University of San Diego (D1)
  • Bobby Renneisen | Head Coach | California State University San Marcos (D2)
  • Cole Schmit | Assistant Coach | San Diego State University (D1)

LAGSD Girls College Liaison, Courtney  Drummond, commented, “It was great week of camp for our Girls Academy. For our players to have the opportunity to work with collegiate coaches in their own training environment is a unique experience. Most importantly, our players gained exposure to colleges that they have interest in.”

“As the college liaison, it is my role to provide our players with exposure to Universities that have a genuine interest in them as well as our club. It was a very successful week at PLNU and Carlsbad. The collegiate coaches had great feedback regarding the players and it provided great exposure from 11 different NCAA programs.”

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