On July 9, 2016 LA Galaxy San Diego was one of 69 clubs selected to take part in the U.S. Soccer Girls’ Development Academy. It has been two months since history was made as the Girls’ Development Academy kicked off its inaugural season of action on September 2, 2017. As a world leader in women’s soccer, the launch of the Girls’ Academy represents a significant investment in the growth of the sport and ensures the U.S continues to win at the international level. LA Galaxy San Diego is proud to be one of the 69 clubs nation wide to receive this honor.

Being a part of the Academy has brought an improved player development model for our players that solely focuses on training with the appropriate number and level of games. This model has allowed us as a club to focus on developing the individual player, improving long-term player development as well as coach development. With a minimum of four training sessions per week, there is a significant opportunity to refine technique and tactical understanding for all players, as LAGSD is accountable for increased technical standards.

LAGSD U16/17 Captain, Aveline Langmead, commented, “Playing in the DA is an indescribable honor that us players are lucky to experience. It is so much more than for self pride, it’s playing with and against the best players there are, pushing you to be better and challenging yourself not just in games but on the training field as well as off the field. This experience has allowed us to achieve our dreams each and every time we step on the pitch, something that each of us are extremely lucky to take part in. Being in the Academy is not just about playing soccer, it’s an experience that will change our lives forever.”

Results wise, as a club we are off to a great start in the inaugural year. All four age groups (U14, U15, U16/17, U18/19) have each played 13 games and we have a combined 26-10-16 record. U15 player and recent UNC commit, Emily Colton, is second in the nation for goals scored and first in the West region. As it stands right now, both our U15 and U16/17 are in the qualifying spots for playoffs, which will be held in June at the Oceanside Sports Complex.

LAGSD Girls College Liaison Courtney Drummond commented, “It’s been 18 months in the making and to see all of the hard work unfold has been amazing. The players have flourished in their new environment and it has been an honor for me to coach and represent LAGSD at the highest level. It’s a new challenge for us as coaches and players, the adjustment period is over and we feel we are in a great place. We have an amazing Academy Staff and an unbelievable support staff starting with Patrick Trolan, Mindset Sports and EXOS. Without them we would not be as successful.”

Being an Academy club has brought us increased college exposure, which has helped us continue placing players in college. Our 2003, 2002/2001 and 99/00 Academy teams will all be heading to Florida in December to compete in their first Academy Showcase. Follow us on all our social media channels to see how they do.