On Monday, July 24, 2017, LA Galaxy San Diego held their first annual Girls Academy Kickoff Meeting at the Dove Library Auditorium in Carlsbad. The event featured Girls DA Technical Advisor for the Southwest Region, Jen Lalor, Roy Holmes and Bryce Terrill from EXOS, Pamela Kalinoski and Corrie Samaniego from Mindset Sports, and LAGSD DA staff Michael Duggan, Carl Higham, Courtney Drummond, Greg LaPorte, Brett Williams, Katie Tarrant, Rick Kreysar and Don McElwee. All LAGSD Girls Academy teams were in attendance; 2004, 2003, 2002/2001 and 1999/2000.

LAGSD Girls College Liaison and Academy Coach, Courtney Drummond, commented, “We are very excited to be a part of this prestigious level in girls youth soccer. A big thank you to our Board of Directors who have been nothing short of amazing throughout this entire process, that began almost two years ago. A lot of time has gone into making this program the best in San Diego county and we are elated to be able to provide this to our members and players. None of this would have been possible without our Directors, especially Michael Duggan and Carl Higham. Their commitment, drive, vision and philosophy has made this all possible. Thank you to all of the parents and players for attending our DA Kick Off meeting, I think the messaging was very well received. We are looking forward to our Academy Season kickoff on September 3rd at the Army and Navy Academy. See you all on the field!”

To view the powerpoint presentation from the meeting please click here.

To view pictures from the meeting please click here.

A live stream from of the Girls Academy Kickoff Meeting can be viewed below (the sound will come on after a couple of minutes).