Girls Development Academy Program

Why Girls DA?

LA Galaxy San Diego has a long established tradition of developing elite level players and preparing them to compete at the highest levels in college and beyond. As a member of the Girls Development Academy, we offer players access to the best coaching, resources and competition in the US.

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U14 (2004)
The first set of tryout sessions for the U14 Girls Academy Program have now concluded although the recruitment process is ongoing. If you are interested in trying out for the U14 DA team please contact:

U15 (2003)
The first set of tryout sessions for the U15 Girls Academy Program have now concluded although the recruitment process is ongoing. If you are interested in trying out for the U15 DA team please contact:

U16/17 (2001/2002)
The first set of tryout sessions for the U17 Girls Academy Program have now concluded although the recruitment process is ongoing. If you are interested in trying out for the U17 DA team please contact:

U18/19 (1999/2000)
The first set of tryout sessions for the U19 Girls Academy Program have now concluded although the recruitment process is ongoing. If you are interested in trying out for the U19 DA team please contact:

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Player Development

LA Galaxy SD offers a unique and seamless player pathway. We are one of the only clubs in the nation that is structured to allow a player to progress from their first U6 recreational experience to a top level U19 DA player en route to college or international play, all under one roof.

The Girls DA Player Development program is a highly sophisticated and structured model geared towards the most talented players aspiring to compete at the highest level.

One of the founding principles of the DA is creating a better training environment. This is achieved through a commitment to four days/week of on-field training over the course of a 10 month season and prohibits participation with outside leagues such as high school and ODP. This schedule allows for coaches to cover a vast amount of technical and tactical topics in great detail.

Other Resources

  • LAGSD Player Development Pathway (click on image to enlarge)
  • DA Season Timeline Chart

Partnerships & Resources

One of the things that differentiates our Girls DA program are the additional resources and opportunities available to players.   We partner with some of the biggest names in the local sports industry to provide players with unprecedented access to a team of coaches, mentors, trainers, and specialists.

One of the major factors that sets LAGSD apart are our facilities. With access to five multi field, lit, turf facilities, our teams are able to maximize field time, rain or shine. Facilities utilized for Girls DA home games and training include:

  • Army & Navy Academy – 2605 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Aviara Community Park – 6435 Ambrosia Lane Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map
  • Pine Park – 3333 Harding Street Carlsbad, CA 92008 – click here to map
  • Poinsettia Community Park – 6600 Hidden Valley Road Carlsbad, CA 92009 – click here to map


The Girls DA promotes less games, but MORE MEANINGFUL games each season. With less games on the schedule and more riding on each game, players develop better game preparation skills to allow them to compete at their best in each game.

Southwest Conference – click on image to enlarge

LAGSD will compete in the Southwest Conference (made up of teams from Arizona, LA and San Diego) along with the following clubs:

  • SC Del Sol (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Beach Futbol Cub (Torrance, CA)
  • Eagles Soccer Club (Camarillo, CA)
  • LA Galaxy (Carson, CA)
  • LAFC Slammers (Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Legends FC (Chino, CA)
  • Los Angeles Premier Futbol Club (La Canada Flintridge, CA)
  • Pateadores (Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Real So Cal (Woodland Hills, CA)
  • So Cal Blues (Laguna Hills, CA)
  • West Coast Futbol Club (Laguna Hills, CA)
  • Albion SC (San Diego, CA)
  • San Diego Surf Soccer Club (Del Mar, CA)

League Play
DA League is divided into a Fall Season & Spring Season

  • Fall Season: September-November (10-15 Games)
  • Spring Season: January-March (10-15 Games)

Teams will play 26-30 Regular Season League Games between the two seasons

Teams will attend two of the following three showcase events:

  • Winter Showcase: U15, U16/17, U18/19 | December 6-10, 2017 | Premier Sports Campus, Lakewood Ranch, FL | Click here for details
  • Girls’ Spring Showcase: U14, U15, U16/17 | April 6-10 | The BB&T Soccer Park at Bryan Park in Greensboro, N.C. | Click here for details
  • Summer Showcase & DA Playoffs: U14, U15, U16/17, U18/19 | June 25-July 1, 2018, Surf Cup Sports Park, Del Mar, CA and/or SoCal Sports Complex, Oceanside, CA | Click here for details

Showcases rotate between various locations throughout the country each year.


Better coaches develop better players

LAGSD takes coaching education a step further. Through our partnership with LA Galaxy, our coaches gain unprecedented access to periodic coaching clinics hosted by LA Galaxy technical directors and coaching staff. We also host our own, ongoing monthly coach education program to ensure that all coaches stay on the cusp of best coaching practices.

Michael Duggan Girls Academy Operations Director
Michael Duggan
Cell: (619) 994-6440
Carl Higham Girls Academy Director
Carl Higham
Cell: (760) 822-4974
Steve Cowell Technical Director
Steve Cowell
Cell: (760) 822-5994
Courtney Drummond Girls College Liaison
Courtney Drummond
Cell: (619) 971-9254
Greg LaPorte Head Coach
Greg LaPorte
Cell: (619) 990-0591
Brett Williams Assistant Coach
Brett Williams
Cell: (619) 889-5331
Don McElwee Assistant Coach
Don McElwee
Cell: (817) 915-9600
Katie Tarrant Assistant Coach
Katie Tarrant
Cell: (760) 626-8510
Rick Kreysar Assistant Coach
Rick Kreysar
Cell: (925) 719-7580


U14 Girls Development Academy (2004)
Head Coach: Michael Duggan
Assistant Coach: Don McElwee

U15 Girls Development Academy (2003)
Head Coach: Carl Higham
Assistant Coach: Rick Kreysar

U16/17 Girls Development Academy (2001/02)
Head Coach: Courtney Drummond
Assistant Coach: Brett Williams

U18/19 Girls Development Academy (1999/00)
Head Coach: Greg LaPorte
Assistant Coach: Katie Tarrant


LA Galaxy San Diego is a proud member of the new Development Player League (DPL).

The DPL is designed to mirror the full DA to help prepare aspiring players for the transition to the DA. This is a three-day per week training program that also allows players the flexibility to play high school soccer.

Teams will compete against other Academy II teams from nine other DA clubs in the Southwest Conference during the fall season, and will attend two top level College Showcases throughout the year.

2017 Showcase Schedule
Silverlakes College Showcase (Norco, CA): November 24-26
Players College Showcase (Las Vegas, NV) March 2018

Click here to view the presentation from our DPL Kick Off Meeting.

For more information on the Development Player League (DPL) please click here to visit their website.