2016 Recipient – Eric Paredes ‘Save A Life’ Foundation: ‘Thousands of kids die annually from SCA. San Diego alone loses three to five teens every year. These kids could’ve been saved with a simple EKG’.

On Saturday, January 2, 2016, we held our 3rd annual club ‘Giving Back’ fundraiser. The fundraiser consisted of in-house scrimmages between our younger competitive teams. In coincidence with our ‘Giving Back’ fundraiser we also held our LA Galaxy San Diego launch party. Please click here to view some pictures of the day.

Michael Duggan LAGSD & Maureen Legg EP Save A Life

Michael Duggan, LAGSD, hands over our donation to Maureen Legg, EP Save A Life Foundation

Last January, 2015, the recipient of our fundraising was CUFC family, the Lopez’s. Through extremely generous donations, we managed to donate a fully functioning wheelchair equipped van along with over $8000 for assistance with both of their sons who have MD (muscular dystrophy) – click here to watch video. In January 2014 we managed to raise over $20,000 for former player, Aaron Loy, who unfortunately had to have his legs amputated after surviving a deadly strain of meningitis.

The recipients of our ‘Giving Back’ fundraiser this year, 2016, was the Eric Paredes ‘Save A Life’ Foundation. We managed to raise $8958.60 for the foundation who perform free heart screenings for 12-25 year olds in an effort to uncover hidden heart conditions and ultimately save lives. Through this fundraiser we have arranged for the EP Save A Life Foundation to come to Carlsbad on July 16, 2016 and screen our 12-19 year old players. Please click here to view a screening results report.

Eric Paredes Foundation Heart ScreeningEric Paredes Foundation – BACKGROUND
Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the #1 cause of death in the U.S., claiming the lives of over 325,000 annually. But what most parents don’t know is that is also the #1 killer of student athletes. Yet, heart screenings are not part of regular checkups or pre-particiaption sports physicals, even though many heart conditions often have no symptoms or unrecognized warning signs—the first indication could be death. The Eric Paredes ‘Save A Life’ Foundation has provided 18,000 free heart screenings to youth age 12 to 25, finding nearly 1 in 100 at risk for SCA from a heart condition or risk factor they didn’t know they had. Screenings include a cardiac history, EKG, consult with a cardiologist and, if indicated, an echocardiogram.

Eric Paredes Foundation

Although the ‘Giving Back’ fundraiser has now ended, you can still donate to the foundation online via the link below (please write ‘LA Galaxy SD’ or ‘Carlsbad United FC’ in the COMMENTS BOX so we can track our donations):

These events define our club and our community spirit. We really appreciate your help and know that the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation are extremely grateful for your support!