As most of you are probably aware, CUFC player Nick Baer was hit by a small plane as it crash landed on Tamarack Beach on July 4th of this year. Nick was very lucky to survive and did have some very serious injuries as a result so he would be forgiven for at least taking the season off – right!? Well, Nick proved he is a fighter and actually came back to practice with his team, Coach Adam’s U13 boys, in mid-November and he¬†was recently cleared to play in the final game of the season.

Coach Tony, who is currently covering Coach Adam, commented, “He’s a really positive, hard working kid and the boys loved having him back. This was the boys last game of the year and they faced a strong Cardiff Mustangs team but managed to get a winning goal in the dying minutes. To have Nick back and be a part of it all again was really special!”

Absolutely fantastic news Nick! As a club, everyone is delighted to have you back out on the field!