Please click here to read the article on Coach Jonno and his fantastic effort for the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation.

PLEASE SUPPORT: Coach Jonno is running 50k in aid of our very own ‘Travis the Warrior’!

“I have decided to run for an amazing young lad that has inspired me through his own fight, so I thought I would put myself through a fight. I will be running the Lake Hodges 50k (31 miles) trail run on Sunday October 26th. I’ve ran a few half marathons and a couple of marathons but never anything of this distance or over trails. The young lad is Travis ‘The Warrior’ Selinka and this is his story written by the family:

In March of 2013, at the age of 10 years old, Travis was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and had surgery to remove it. Through the pathology of the tumor after surgery, the doctors determined that the tumor was malignant which meant Travis needed further treatment of Radiation and Chemotherapy to beat the Cancer. The good news is that the Brain Cancer was caught early and is treatable. We are also lucky to have world class doctors like our Neuro-Surgeon and Neuro-Oncologist and a pediatric hospital like Rady Children’s. The bad news is that Cancer Sucks and the treatment road is a long and hard one to travel. So as a family, we decided that we would face this thing head on, provide the best possible treatment and care for Travis that we can and have faith that everything will work out.

So I asked Travis what charity he would like the money I raise to go to and he has chosen Make a Wish San Diego. I’m already training hard for this so if you are able to support myself, Travis and this amazing charity it would be very much appreciated.”

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