Here at LA Galaxy San Diego we strongly encourage our players to work on their technique away from practice and what better way than juggling?

Juggling is not only fun and challenging for young players but it is vital for development and vastly improves touch and ball control.

Welcome to our new program, the ‘Carlsbad Juggle Club’.

How it Works……

A player’s level of achievement will be awarded with the following colors of silicone sports wristband:

  • 10 juggles + = White (U7/U8 only)
  • 30 juggles + = Yellow (U9 and below only)
  • 50 juggles + = Orange
  • 100 juggles + = Green
  • 300 juggles + = Blue
  • 500 juggles + = Purple
  • 1000 juggles + = Black


  • The juggle count returns to zero if the ball hits the ground
  • Feet, thighs, head, and even shoulders all count as juggles but we strongly encourage using both feet as much as possible and only using the other body parts when you get in trouble or need a rest
  • The soccer ball must be the same size as used in games by the player and correctly inflated (e.g. not flat).


  • Certification will be signed off by an LAGSD Coach using this form (word doc)
  • Certification can also be validated via video uploaded to youtube
  • Wristbands can be collected at the LAGSD Office (5315 Avenida Encinas, #200, Carlsbad, 92008) with proof

Check out our ‘Carlsbad Juggle Club’ poster boy Mateja Milasinovic. Mateja stars for the BU14 Elite team and after watching this video is it any wonder why? Watch him skip past 1000 juggles effortlessly to earn the highest colored wristband (black) using his right and left foot.

TIP – Notice how he takes softer touches on the ball, keeping it low, using both feet and making contact on the flat of his foot but with his toe raised higher than his ankle to create a spin and movement on the ball that always brings it back towards him.

Mateja certainly makes it look easy but don’t be fooled as Mateja is one of the hardest working soccer players you will come across – always working hard to improve his game, both at home and at practice. It is also worth noting that Mateja’s touch on the ball is super smooth & refined – he owes a great deal of that to his juggling skills and practice. Well done Mateja, awesome job!!!!