LA Galaxy San Diego B07 Pre-Academy player, Max Pulvers, while on vacation in Europe, had the fantastic opportunity of a few days training with top flight German Bundesliga club, 1860 Munich.

Max was brought in for a one day trial with the 2006 boys, a year older than himself but impressed so much so that he was invited back to the next session. The size, power and speed of play was much different but once Max adjusted he looked right at home. Max also excelled the second day.

This particular age group were Munich Champions last year besting the powerhouse that is Bayern Munich.

Max’s dad, CSUSM & LAGSD Coach, Ron Pulvers, commented, “The entire outfit at 1860 is excellent. The training grounds, dressing rooms, fan shop and even biergarten were what you would expect from a historic German club. It was pretty special to see him out there not only holding his own, but really having a big impact in the session and games. It was a very cool experience for us all!”

Ron continued, “We are grateful to Daniel Knop, CEO of Sports Travel Agency ( who made this unique opportunity and trial at 1860 Munich for Max possible. Daniel has great network contacts with the German Bundesliga clubs. Daniel said that Max had some extraordinary skills that would enable him to train with some of Germany‚Äôs best in his age group.”