B00 Premier player Michael Pestonjee worked with a nonprofit organization called Empowered Community Services (ECS) in Sri Lanka over the duration of July.

Michael’s group of volunteers helped a family who recently received a micro loan from the ECS to start a small business. The boys helped with the construction project of building an outdoor kitchen and create a vegetable garden. It was hard physical labor where they spent 2 weeks hauling heavy bricks, digging dirt, tilling soil, laying bricks etc… They accomplished much at the end of two weeks and completed a majority of the project the family needed. The people in the village live very simply. A stark contrast to the bustling life in the city.

Each volunteer also took suitcases filled with clothing and shoes and distributed to the community. Very much appreciated by everyone. You can see in one of the photos that a little boy is holding the CUFC t-shirt with a huge smile.

To view the photos from Michael’s trip please click here.

It was a once in a lifetime trip for Michael, and significantly meaningful as Michael was also able to connect with his Sri Lankan heritage. Well done Michael, you did yourself, your family, your community, and your soccer club proud!

Founded by a family who wanted to help the families affected by the devastating tsunami in 2004, that hit many of the coastal villages. The ECS continue with their efforts to help the families in the southern coastal village in Galle. While there has been much success with recovery, there are still so many in need of help and assistance with thing we take for granted here.

You can find ECS on facebook: