After 7 years together sharing the soccer field with his Coach, Paul Holohan, and going on to great team successes such as:
– Surf Cup Semi Finalist 2013
– BU16s Far West Regionals Hawaii Semi Finalist 2013
– Carlsbad Elite BU16s Far West Regional League Champion FallĀ 2012
– BU16s Western CollegiateĀ Development Academy National Runner-up 2012
It was time for Rey Ortiz to take his talents to the next level, the next level being LA GALAXY.
Paul and Rey discussed this in depth and as Paul says, “It is the next step for him now as a player especially in terms of his development. Rey has all the talent to be a pro and it’s time now to put him in that every day environment.”
Paul continued, “Since seeing Rey on a soccer field in the local community league in City Heights, in 2007, where funny enough he was playing for a team called SD Galaxy, I knew he was very, very special. To have the privilege to work together with him has been wonderful part of my soccer life.”
Best of luck Rey, many of us are hoping to purchase Galaxy tops in the future with ‘Ortiz’ on the back!