Aimed at ages 8-14, under the guidance of our fantastic Academy goalkeeper coach Rigo Aquino, keepers will learn the technical and tactical skills needed to become successful playing in the goal during game like situations.

WHO: Designed for dedicated goalkeepers that want to improve dramatically
WHAT: 4 day camp
AGES: 8-14 Years Old (Boys and Girls)

Jul 31-Aug 3 Poinsettia Community Park – MAP 9am-12pm $229 ($65 day rate) REGISTER NOW

Among the topics covered at the various levels of this goalkeeper camp are:

  • Diving: Low, Medium, High
  • 3 Dimensional Angle Play/Covering Front Post/Back Post
  • Tipping Over the Bar
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Breakaway Technique and Tactics
  • Fitness Training
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Footwork
  • Setting the Wall
  • Distribution (punting, goal kicks, throws, playing out from the back)
  • Goalie Wars

Each camp lesson will finish with game like situations via small sided games in front of full size goals to maximize goalkeeper involvement the entire time.
*Free t-shirt for all camp attendees

Spaces will fill up quickly. Questions? email: