Regarded as oneĀ of the biggest youth soccer tournaments in America, occurring over the past two weekends, the Surf Cup is right on our doorstep and the level of competition is fierce. As you enter the complex you are greeted with the sign ‘Best of the Best’, and considering how hard it is just get accepted to play in Surf Cup this is probably spot on.

LA Galaxy San Diego had 14 teams competing in the 2016 Surf Cup and all teams put in very solid tournament performances. Despite no LAGSD teams being crowned champions, three teams made the finals and lost by only one goal in extremely tight games. Below is a list of LAGSD teams that made the last stages of their respective age groups:

G05 Elite
G03 Elite
B05 Pre-Academy

G06 Premier
B01 Elite

G07 Premier
G04 Elite
B06 Pre-Academy