Swagger Club CA (SCCA) is focused on supporting the supporters of our beautiful game. Swagger Club promotes live and broadcast viewing of soccer matches, helps to grow supporter groups, offers discount game tickets and organizes inexpensive bus transportation to matches throughout Southern California, monthly.

SCCA started in Carlsbad, circa 2007, and has since spread throughout the West Coast via friends and affiliates, and now has supporters worldwide. Our local viewing spot is Senor Grubbys (377 Carlsbad Village Dr.). SCCA work closely with Senor Grubbys, helping them set up weekly schedules for English Premier League games and all other overseas leagues, opening as early as 4:30am on weekends. There are always mid week lunch/evening games on during the season, including Champions League and more. Please check out the SCCA website for the daily calendar of soccer matches and viewing times at: www.swaggerclubca.com or via SCCA social media on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram.

As a club, we are excited to have partnered with Swagger Club CA. They will help bring even more charity and fund raising opportunities to our club and the soccer community of North County. Through this partnership we aim to raise monies for youth soccer, increase knowledge of the game, grow supporter groups, bring larger numbers of fans to live matches and create unique soccer experiences for all ages. Please join Swagger Club CA through their social media channels or subscribe to their monthly email list through their website.

The SCCA website has many of the local supporter groups listed, including: N.County Americans (USA), N.County Gooners (Arsenal), N.County Blues (Chelsea), San Diego Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham, Gooners and Chelsea. Catch a match with them and cheer with other footie (soccer) fans from the area and ones traveling through N County. Swagger Club also create custom supporter merchandise and any other custom products for local schools, leagues, businesses and individuals through their main business: www.sparcustoms.com.