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Coach Education

LAG Skills

With demonstrated moves and skills from some of the top players around the world, LA Galaxy Skills videos will be released monthly by LAGSD to encourage our players to improve on their footwork in their spare time.

As part of the LA Galaxy San Diego player development curriculum, we will be asking all players to watch, actively attempt to learn, and replicate the following skills as highlighted in the below videos. These skills serve a variety of very valuable purposes for our players; more touches on the ball, improved coordination, use of weaker foot, improved creativity/improvisation, healthy interest in emulating soccer stars and achieving set goals (completing the skill).

The skills are broken down into three stages that advance in difficulty, allowing our youngest players to learn the basics of the skill(s) before mastering the completed combination/skill. Older players may want to attempt to recreate the final product straight away but be warned……some of these skills even have our coaches tripping over themselves!

If you get a skill perfected and want to be featured on our social media channels please email the video link or file to: media@lagalaxysd.com

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