Updated monthly with a featured article, this ‘Parent Education’ page is the perfect resource to help keep our LAGSD parents up to date on the latest tips and advice from the youth soccer community. Being more educated in the game will not only enhance the soccer experience of our parents but will ultimately help make their child’s experience be as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Here at LA Galaxy San Diego we want to foster an environment in which our soccer parents are not only educated regarding the game, but also act respectfully on the sidelines and support their children and their team(s) in an appropriate and positive manner. Please click here to visit our ‘Parent Guidelines’ page.

October 2018 – If you want to yell then become a coach, explains Frank Martin
For our October Parent Education feature we are posting a video featuring Frank Martin, the current head coach for the University of South Carolina men’s basketball team, who discusses the sad reality of parents attempting to coach their kids from the stands. Definitely worth a watch!

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